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2023 & beyond

Vasanta Group is determined to find and secure lands with the greatest potential for its development projects. The partnerships with Lotte E&C and Mitsubishi Corporation have been instrumental in pursuing challenging urban and tourism initiatives. Despite any obstacles, we remain committed to delivering high-quality products that surpass customer expectations.


“Throughout the pandemic, Vasanta Group continued to demonstrate its agility and flexibility, adapting to ever changing circumstances while never losing sight of our goal to deliver excep- tional properties to our cus- tomers. Our ability to persist in the face of adversity high- lights our determination and resolve to succeed, and serves as a testament to our commitment.”

Shila was joined by Lotte E&C in Sawangan, while Mitra 10, a material company, acquired land in Sawangan. Shila started construction on the Tilia Cluster and The Shoppes and Senopati Boulevard. Nihi Flores in Labuan Bajo also began construction.

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Vasanta Innopark handed over their two apartments and shophouses, and Mitsubishi Corporation teamed up with Shila. Shila started construction and sold out the Grove Cluster in Sawangan, and Mawatu in Labuan Bajo also began construction with a partnership from LYD Group from Bali.


Vasanta Innopark finished the construction of their first and second apartments, and Quanta Land joined as a partner. The Vasanta Group also acquired land in Sawangan, Depok and Walini, totaling 400 hectares.


Vasanta Group acquired lands in Labuan Bajo for Kaya Resorts, Waecicu, and Mawatu.

“In 2019, the company expanded its footprint by purchasing lands in Labuan Bajo and Sawangan. The Vasanta Innopark project was handed over the next year, 2020, and the ground-breaking of Shila, Mawatu, and Hotel in Waecicu.”


With the opening of the second apartment, Botan, and the start of construction on two apartment towers and more than 200 shophouses, Vasanta Innopark reached another important milestone.

“The project was an instant success, with the first tower of 800 units selling out in only four months and a second tower and 216 shophouses selling out within a year”


The Vasanta Group was established and acquiring land in Daan Mogot, Jakarta Barat and Vasanta Innopark in Cikarang.

“Vasanta Group is committed to keeping its and promise to complete the shophouses Aoki apartments and to earn the customers' trust. Dedicated to providing high-quality homes that exceed expectations and represent the company's dedication to excellence and client happiness.”


In 2017, Vasanta Innopark made its official introduction to the public, marking a major milestone in the company's history. The company proudly unveiled its first apartment development, "Aoki", and simultaneously introduced shophouse offerings. This was the start of Vasanta Innopark's journey to becoming a top developer of homes and commercial spaces that meet the needs of both communities and businesses.

“Vasanta Group has a rich history dating back to its inception in 2015. From humble beginnings with the acquisition of a 12-hectare plot of land in Cibitung, the company launched its first project, Vasanta Innopark in 2017.”

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