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The implementation of robust Good Corporate Governance (GCG) principles is crucial for the sustainability and longevity of our business operations. We recognize that well-defined roles and responsibilities within the organization are the foundation of a transparent and accountable corporate structure. Our adherence to the core tenets of GCG: transparency, professionalism, fairness, independence, and responsibility, guides our path to becoming a more robust and transparent entity. In our commitment to enhancing corporate governance, we have undertaken the following initiatives:

1. Our organization enforces a culture of professionalism and equity in every decision-making process. This commitment ensures impartial treatment of all shareholders and stakeholders, fostering an environment where fairness is paramount.

2. We are committed to maintain the highest levels of transparency by providing all interested parties with equitable access to essential corporate information. Regular dissemination of quarterly and annual reports is conducted through media publications and disclosures to stock exchange regulators. Additionally, we hold public expositions and Annual General Meetings of Shareholders to ensure stakeholders are well-informed.

3. Independence within our governance framework is upheld through the structure of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors. We are diligent in appointing Independent Commissioners who have no affiliations with senior management that could potentially hinder their ability to make unbiased decisions or affect their objectivity and allegiance to our stockholders.

4. The company's moral obligation extends beyond generating shareholder value. It encompasses a commitment to contributing positively to the environment and upholding ethical practices. We are dedicated to balancing shareholder returns with our responsibility to the community and the environment.


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