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GCG Structure

Our GCG implementation is supported by several elements:

General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)

The GMS serves as our paramount decision-making body, setting strategic directions, authorizing significant actions, and approving changes in governance and profit allocation. Shareholder participation is actively encouraged, ensuring their rights to approve corporate plans and governance changes are fully realized.

Board Of Commissioners

The scope of duties and responsibilities of the Company’s Board of Commissioners are as follows:

1.    Rigorous oversight of the company's management by the Directors.
2.    Supervision of the company’s adherence to its vision and mission as directed by shareholders.
3.    Provision of critical feedback to the Directors to maintain equilibrium between the company's strategic planning and oversight. 
4.    Monitoring of GCG practices related to financial management and asset preservation.

The supervisory function is carried out with respect in line with the good principles of Good Corporate Governance and guidance of shareholders. The supervisory mechanism is conducted by reviewing the performance reports presented periodically by Directors at joint meetings between Commissioners and Directors. In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the Commissioners work closely with the Audit Committee.

Board Of Directors

The Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for:

1.    Strategic planning, management, and oversight of all business operations.
2.    Execution of approved plans while enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness for continuous performance evaluation.
3.    Ensuring all company elements uphold GCG principles, thereby fostering an accountable organizational culture.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of PT Sirius Surya Sentosa Tbk works closely with Board of Commissioners to assist fulfilling the supervisory function over GCG implementation within the working setting.

The Committee also performs other duties and responsibilities:
1.    Analysis of reports from the Directors and operational units
2.    Offering independent, professional advice on critical issues to the Board of Commissioners
3.    Collaboration with Independent Auditors to improve business efficiency and effectiveness

Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary of the Company is responsible for collecting any information that is material to the shareholders in a timely and accurate fashion. Working closely with Corporate Legal and Compliance Unit, she or he must be aware of any changes in rules and regulation applicable at Indonesia stock exchange to maintain the Company’s regulatory compliance.

According to the rules of the Indonesia’s capital market, Corporate Secretary shall perform the following functions:
1.    Monitoring developments in capital market regulations
2.    Providing investors with necessary company information
3.    Advising the Directors on regulatory compliance
4.    Facilitating communication between the company, regulatory authorities, and the public.

Corporate Secretary is expected to support the realization of corporate vision, mission and strategies. He or she shall be able to nurture and develop good relationship with the institutions and media communities in order to build good image of the Company. The Corporate Secretary works closely with community relation, particularly in building good relationship with non-market communities and performing function of corporate social responsibility.

Internal Control & Audit System

The internal audit function routinely assesses our accounting system and internal controls, conducting regular evaluations of business units to ensure operational integrity.

Information Transparency

We are aware that information disclosure plays an important role in being a public company and we take this matter very seriously. All Capital Market disclosures are made in timely fashion and are submitted to the regulatory authorities. To keep all shareholders abreast of the health of our company, information regarding our hotels and latest projects is available on our website along with an archive of the company’s quarterly and annual reports, and corporate actions. A dedicated email,, is also available to answer any inquiries.

Remuneration of Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors

Remuneration for the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors is performance-based, with the Board of Commissioners holding the authority to determine compensation structures.

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