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In the beginning, there were five individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the real estate industry, each excelling in their own domains. Tri Ramadi, Agnus Suryadi, and Erick Wihardja were the original founders of Sirius Surya Sentosa, a company making waves in Indonesia's property development scene. Their combined knowledge and experience allowed them to identify unique opportunities and develop innovative projects.

In 2020, a chance encounter at the acquisition of Shila at Sawangan brought veterans, both seasoned real estate professionals with impressive credentials in property development, Nicholas Hum and Denny Asalim into the fold. Recognizing the potential for synergistic collaboration, the five visionaries decided to join forces, leveraging their complementary strengths and shared passion for innovation and ethical business practices.

United by their commitment to a fast-paced, dynamic work culture, they sought to challenge the status quo and bring fresh perspectives to the industry. As a result, they rebranded the company as Vasanta Group, a name that encapsulates their unified vision and aspirations for the future. Together, they embarked on a journey to create lasting impact through visionary projects and strategic partnerships.

The relationships between the co-founders went beyond just business, as they quickly formed a close bond at both professional and personal levels. They supported each other through global uncertainty and challenges brought upon by the pandemic disruption, and their relationship only grew stronger over time.

The new collaboration instilled confidence in major industry players, even during tough times, International giants such as Mitsubishi Corporation and Lotte Group believed in Vasanta Group's vision and capabilities, choosing to invest and partner with the group in developing residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use projects. In addition to expanding its activities beyond Jakarta, Vasanta Group has undertaken projects in other major Indonesian cities. The unique blend of their individual experiences and areas of expertise has allowed the Vasanta Group to thrive, focusing on innovation, quality, and the development of highly sought-after products. Their collaboration has forged a strong, adaptable team, well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Indonesian real estate market.

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