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Dear Vasanteans,


We are excited to share that Pak Nicholas Hum and Pak Denny Asalim have recently invested in Vasanta Group. Having recently purchased shares in the company, they now join Vasanta Group as proud shareholders.


They both recognize the tremendous potential of our company. Their investment underscores their confidence in the direction and vision of Vasanta Group and their commitment to helping us achieve our long-term goals.


As successful business leaders in their respective divisions in our industry, Pak Nicholas and Pak Denny bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Their investment is a testament to our strong reputation, innovative solutions, and tremendous potential for growth in our industry.


On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express that we feel privileged to have such accomplished individuals invest in our company and join us in our mission to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients. We look forward to leveraging their expertise and guidance as we continue to grow and expand our business.


A true believer in his principle, "The real fulfillment is when you’ve become a man of value rather than a man of success.” and a strategic communications leader who has leveraged inspirational narrative to drive cultural impact throughout his career.


Nicholas has been the senior executive of multiple real estate development corporations throughout Malaysia, China, Australia, and Indonesia and has developed over 10,000 dwellings in excess of USD 3 Billion.


He successfully launched 14 clusters of residential and commercial development within the 125-ha master plan in 2017 and 2018 in Indonesia. Nicholas also set the Indonesian national record for the completion of 1,700 homes in 18 months.

Nicholas Hum

Shareholder/Chief Executive Officer


BOD - DA_edited.png

Armed with expertise in marketing and sales, he is a driven and commercially savvy leader who can link businesses with consumers and make things happen thanks to his abilities in both areas.


He has over 17 years of experience in real estate marketing, he has led over 5 project portfolios in Indonesia and Singapore, transacting over 7000 units for a total of more than USD 1.3 billion.


He is also an expert at putting together a fully integrated team that uses a unique model that brings together strategy, creativity, media, and data and analytics at its core. Denny currently also sits on the board of directors of Pakuan Tbk.

Denny Asalim

Shareholder/Executive Director


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